How We Roll

Working without a process is useless, better to plan first and then roll accordingly. We/Pixlers create a full plan and then accomplish that in a specific pattern.


We listen and verse…

We really need to know the concept. We do endless conversations and answer zillions of questions, throw out some ideas at times. Together we turn the brief into tales and get started on the concept.

  • Heuristic analysis
  • Competition Comparison
  • User-research

We collect, brainstorm and sketch…

Before we dive with heads first into designing, Our Pixlers work with you to create the wireframes, content sitemaps and define the functionality. Herein, what we do, we make sure we do it right.

  • Element analysis
  • Architecture Blueprints
  • Inspiration theme demo

We create and empower...

Working from the foundation up we built, we now start the detailed work of putting life over the bones of your site or application and throb it with the database.

  • Starting with Home Pages we flush out the inspirational work
  • Next we dwell into the internal pages, developing styles and layout types that will be used throughout the site.

We validate and optimize...

Just the right set of expert campaign strategists and highly proficient software programs, are needed to achieve that ‘perfect blend’ that is tailored to your web sites specific needs. Our Pixlers comply with the rigorous standards of Quality assurance, we do it all.

  • Test each part of the system as we go to crush any bugs that may be around.
  • We ensure that the website achieves a good online presence and generate traffic instantly.

We deploy...

Setting your site or application assail, is an exciting and often profound moment. Whether the Pixlers built for you or your design partner, we love what we do.


We maintain & support...

Perhaps you’ll be keeping the implementation in your own hands but core business keeps you occupied, if so you’ll find the Pixlers swimming along next to you helping bring the design to the web to the greatest success for your business or organization.

  • We use Content Management Systems to help you control your content as you see fit.
  • We keep the structure slim and fluid.

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